July 27, 2016

Quick Start Tutorials

How to Create An Account
– Getting started with REAL University by creating an account. [Watch Video Now…]

How To Edit Your Account – flexibility is great and at REAL University you can change your information at any time you choose (Except name, once entered it CANNOT be changed with Admin help) [Watch Video Now…]

How to Purchase A Class – Lets start by helping you purchase your first class [Watch Video Now…]

Getting Started With A Basic Class – The simple ones are often the best and in this tutorial we talk about getting started with a basic course [Watch Video Now…]

Getting Started With A Complex Class – As your progress throughout your REAL University courses the course may progressively get more complex; we are here to help Watch Video Now…]

How To Take Quizzes & Tests – This tutorial centers around our outstanding method of testing of students.  This is a must watch. [Watch Video Now…]

How To Choose CE Courses – Live or Online, Greenwood or other locations…these are just a few questions you need to ask yourself when choose REAL University’s CE courses. So let’s talk about how to select the perfect courses for you [Watch Video Now…]