Home Buying With The Future In Mind

Home Buying With The Future In Mind

When purchasing properties most investors consider the most basic of things such as: will the market give me a good return on my investment, is the current market strong or will there be a downturn, are rising prices indicative of a bubble market or real growth? These are all very important things to consider when using real estate as an investment tool.

But what of the average home buyer who is purchasing for their own use? Yes, these things are just as important to the average home owner but they usually take a backseat to the things that matter to them now. Do we have enough bedrooms for our growing family? Bathrooms? Big enough yard for the kids to grow? These things are just as important to a family as the investment questions are to an investor.

There are other considerations that many do not  take into account when purchasing a new home are can be equally as important to the long term wellbeing of your family. What happens when the parents of these home owners age and become less able to fend for themselves, will  you need to put in an in-law suite? Should you consider his before purchasing and buy  something that already has a suite? What if the buyer themselves are getting on in years, would   it be more prudent to purchase a bungalow to minimize the need to use stairs? What of visiting kids and grandkids, should they have their own space within the  home?

There are many, many different scenarios that you need to consider other than just what the market will do in the coming years, although his has to be considered as well, just as the potential rising of interest rates will have an impact. So, do your homework and ensure that you have considered as many of the things that you are able to control and don’t sweat the ones you cannot.

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